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About the Owner

Drew started fishing at the age of 4 with his father and grandfather. Everything started with a simple  Shakespeare spincaster combo kit. Depending on which one felt like taking him out to the local lake, Drew and his grandfather or father would take him out for bass and trout. As Drew got older and his interest in the sport grew, he began to go out on his own and explore his local waters. By the time he was 8 he was using a basic spinning set-up and going into the back yard with his grandfathers fly rod and practicing casting. 

Fast forward 5 years and once Drew had his license he took every chance he had at getting out for a fishing trip. He enlisted the help of local guides and learned how to really fish for trout and maximize his time on the water.  Trout became his obseesion, especially obscenely large trout. He loves to chase gator browns in local waters and chrome sgeelhead up in lake ontario tributaries. Drew specializes in Euro nymphing techniques, streamer fishing, and fishing during nightime hours.